At the moment there are no pure SIVANANDA YOGA or YIN YOGA events,
only in combination with DANA® AERIAL YOGA!



Shankhaprakshalana - intestinal cleansing

Saturday, 05th Jun 2021        10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Workshop at the Dana® AERIAL YOGA INSTITUTE in Hamburg, Germany
(address: Winfridweg 3c, 22529 Hamburg, Germany)


SHANKAPRAKSHALANA is the most comprehensive cleansing process from the mouth to the anus.
Shanka is the Sanskrit word for conch shell which means the folded intestinal. Prakshalana means to wash thoroughly.

The cleansing is a comprehensive and gently cleansing of the gastrointestinal system. Tensions and residue are relieved which helps the circulation and fuels higher level of energy. Further impacts are the cleaning of the blood, detoxify the body and helps to a good digestion. The relief from allergies, such as hay fever and skin problems is also an effect of the SHANKAPRAKSHALANA.

Yogis practise the cleansing also for its harmonizing effects.

The difference to fasting and enema is that in SHANKAPRAKSHALANA the system is cleansed by drinking of warm salty water.
The water’s salinity is 0,9%- and therefore exactly the same as the bodys natural salinity.
The water is guided through the body with gentle yoga poses, which help to cleanse the intestinal system. The cleansing is followed by a special vegetarian diet for 1 week.



The Cleansing

Alternately practise of 5 ASANAS and drinking of glasses of salty water until we excrete fairly clear water. 

This is followed by a 45 to 60 min SAVASANA (Relaxation).

We will then come together to eat KICHERI (rice and beans) and drink some water.

To finished the day we head off for a 30 min walk.


Cost:   75 EUR, Teaching Language: German